About Shadow Drawing
Who is the artist behind Shadow Drawing?
My name is Barbara Graff. I work fulltime as a supervisor and created Shadow Drawing as my artistic outlet.
Where did the name come from?

My business began as a pencil sketch service. I chose the name from a quote that I received in a fortune cookie (of all places!). "Never fear the shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby." by Ruth E. Renkel. Since pencil sketching in essence is drawing the shadows in a picture, it struck a chord and my business name was born. While I no longer offer sketching services, I decided to continue with my business name when I began face painting.
How did I start Face painting?

I was asked to volunteer at my son's elementary school - as a face painter. After much research and training, I found that I greatly enjoyed the process and techniques involved. I especially cherish the absolute joy and wonder that shows on the faces of children when they see a finished design. There is nothing else like it!
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